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Villagers surrounded by water and stranded in a shrinking area of dry land[Photo: Nicola Flamigni/MSF]

South Sudan: “People tell us these are the worst floods they have ever seen”

Kim Phillips, logistics coordinator of MSF in South Sudan
Lita arriving at Nsanje District Hospital. [Photo: Isabel Corthier/MSF]

Gerrald and Lita

Lita and her father Gerrald live in Suwali, Nsanje.
Malawi - Advanced HIV[Photo: Isabel Corthier/MSF]

Empowering patients to reach an HIV-free Malawi

Despite having taken huge steps to reduce the prevalence of HIV and the numbers of people dying from it, many people in Malawi still get sick and develop advanced HIV. But a new model of care could help communities spot the symptoms of...
Manfred being helped to go to the Ndamera Health Centre while some of his friends are seeing him off. [Photo: Isabel Corthier/MSF]

Manfred Luka

“I come from Chitomeni Village and I am a fisherman. During one of my usual fishing errands, I was having trouble breathing. I had chest pain. When I realised that my health was deteriorating, I went to Ndamera Health Centre.



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