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Malawi: “This time around, the destruction is more of houses and farm produce, not of people’s lives”

MSF logistician and community health worker Labana Steven is part of MSF’s emergency team working in Malawi’s Makhanga area to support thousands of people left affected by severe flooding with health and sanitation supplies...

Ethiopia: Once mango season is over, it becomes crocodile season

Markus Boening meets Canadian nurse Rebecca DeBruyn and finds parallels between doing an Ironman Triathlon and supervising the emergency room of Gambela hospital, Ethiopia

Karin Mburu: When a ‘thank you’ is the highlight of your profession

Hear from Karin, a Kenyan nurse, about her work for MSF in Ethiopia 

Innocent Maniraruta

Meet Innocent, a Finance Manager from Rwanda who was inspired to join MSF after tragic events in his own country