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Mobile clinic in Kreneik, the latest MSF intervention before the violence re-started

Sudan: Violent attacks leave tens of thousands in West Darfur without access to healthcare

Violent attacks in and around Kreneik town and fighting in El Genina, in West Darfur, leaving wounded and sick people in desperate need without access to lifesaving medical care
Declared cured a patient is leaving to go home. Follow-up testing will confirm no relapse

Healing from DR-TB, despite long distances and numerous challenges

Treatment of drug-resistant TB can be extremely difficult - lasting up to 20 months for some patients and requiring daily trips to TB centers for medication 

5 ways MSF is supporting malaria prevention in Tanzania

Preventing and treating malaria in Nduta Camp and neighboring villages.
MSF’s first medical referral train arrives in Lviv on Friday 01 April 2022.

“You have a medical train? I have patients for you”

Dr. Joanne Liu, an experienced paediatrician in MSF’s Ukraine medical response team, recounts her part in our first medical train transfer of patients, evaluating the patients and making sure they were all stable for the...