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MSF’s first medical referral train arrives in Lviv on Friday 01 April 2022.

“You have a medical train? I have patients for you”

Dr. Joanne Liu, an experienced paediatrician in MSF’s Ukraine medical response team, recounts her part in our first medical train transfer of patients, evaluating the patients and making sure they were all stable for the...

Ukraine: A race against time

Anja Wolz, MSF Emergency Coordinator currently based in Lviv, Ukraine, explains the urgency of this stage of the humanitarian response.
Women in the lead

Women in the lead

To mark International Women’s Day 2022, inspired by their diversity and their individual strength, we asked some of our unrecognised women leaders, “What can we learn from you?” Here’s what they told us.

Women in the lead: “Together we are stronger”

Fatmata Jebbeh Sumaila is Médecins Sans Frontières’ (MSF) midwife activity manager in Jonglei, South Sudan. After working for 17 years with MSF in her home country, Sierra Leone, she has embarked on an international...