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L-R: Yohannes, Maria, Tedros

One-year memoriam: Yohannes, Maria and Tedros

We miss our colleagues terribly and we continue to mourn them

From child refugee to MSF HR manager - the story of Moses Soro

"Because without MSF, maybe I’d be dead. Like my brothers, like my cousins, like all the people who didn’t make it "

Stigmatised groups are taking ownership of their health in Beira, Mozambique

MSF has implemented a peer-led strategy with the goal of creating a trusting environment where all people feel comfortable accessing healthcare. 

Hussein Ismail - witnessing medical emergencies from Dadaab, Kenya to Cross River state, Nigeria

As a medic, my job gives me satisfaction because I am there for my patients when they need me. It is even more fulfilling when I see patients with chronic conditions who arrive in bad shape but leave our health facilities happy.