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Pumps, bicycles and satellites: how MSF is fighting malaria in Burundi

Teams from Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) have carried out a number of large-scale malaria prevention campaigns in eastern Burundi in recent years, most recently in the hills of Kinyinya. Their objective: to attack the disease at its source by reducing the number of mosquitoes.


Burundi: "Thankfully, my family all came back cured"

 A cholera epidemic has hit Burundi and its most densely populated city, Bujumbura but thanks to the fast response, there have been almost no deaths

Nicole Niyoyankunze, an MSF health promotion worker, raises awareness among carpenters in the Bwiza district, Bujumbura. [ Evrard Ngendakumana ]

In Bujumbura, accident victims get back on their feet for free

In Bujumbura, MSF staff treats about 2,000 patients every month in its trauma center “L’Arche de Kigobe”

Elisabeth and her daughters Adelphine and Rachel [ © Arjun Claire/MSF]

Stories of Survival : Adelphine, Elisabeth and Rachel from Burundi

A refugee camp can limit people’s movement, but it can do little to dash the hopes and aspirations of a 12-year-old girl from breaking through its dim and bleak confines.

Mental health consultation in the MSF hospital in Nduta refugee camp, Tanzania. [© MSF/Pierre-Yves Bernard]

Displaced and distressed: the case of mental health in East Africa

With the exception of Dadaab Refugee Camp in Kenya, nearly all MSF mental health programmes in the East and Horn region have seen a significant increase of patients.

Ethiopia: Tigray Crisis

People have been left without healthcare and tens of thousands have been displaced across Ethiopia and Sudan, following fighting that broke out in the Tigray region of northern Ethiopia, in November 2020.

MSF teams are working on both sides of the border, providing assistance to people in refugees camps in Sudan, and to the displaced and host communities within Tigray in Ethiopia.

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