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Four months on, an ongoing nightmare for MSF colleagues detained in SW Cameroon

MSF finds itself in an untenable position: on the one hand, its medical activities are required, and on the other hand, those providing medical support run the risk of being persecuted for doing their work.

MSF teams during a cholera vaccination in Enyenge, South-west Cameroon [Faith Toran/MSF ]

MSF suspends its medical activities in south-west Cameroon

We call for the release of our four colleagues, unjustly detained

Yannick along the Canal de l'Ourq, in the North-Eastern part of Paris. © Augustin Le Gall

Unaccompanied minors: From the streets of Cameroon to a tent in Paris

A street child in Cameroon, Yannick was kidnapped by people traffickers in 2019 and sold as a slave in Libya. He escaped and made it to Europe, where he found refuge in France and receives support from MSF. Now recognised as an unaccompanied minor, he tells us his story.


"They had nowhere to stay, I decided to live with them"

In Mamfe, South-West Cameroon, Aunt Tanyi Serah hosts 24 children, most are war orphans who were forced to flee their homes.


The Doctors Without Borders ambulance service in South-West Cameroon: an essential lifeline in a region beset by violence

Since 2018, MSF has been running a 24/7 ambulance service, community-level care and support to health facilities in the two regions. In 2020, almost 9,000 referrals were completed through the ambulance service. However, in December 2020, MSF medical services were suspended by Cameroon’s authorities in the North-West Region; this suspension has not been lifted.


Cameroon: thousands of people continue to be denied urgent and life-saving health care as MSF’s activities in the North-West region remain suspended by the government

Yaoundé, 22 June 2021 – While thousands of people struggle to access vital healthcare in the restive North-West region of Cameroon, Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) is still denied the resumption of its healthcare care services in the region, six months after the forced suspension of its activities by Cameroonian authorities. MSF calls on the government of Cameroon to immediately lift this suspension and prioritize the medical needs of the population.

Caroline Mwakio during her time in Yambio, South Sudan

Cameroon: "We are trying to give our patients hope"

Caroline Wawuda Mwakio, from Mombasa, Kenya, recently returned from Cameroon, where she was working as a Mental Health Activity Manager in MSF´s project in the Anglophone area of the country. Here she explains the humanitarian situation in the region, and her work as part of MSF´s response.

Round of medical staff in the COVID-19 patients ward.

Access to coronavirus diagnostic tools is crucial to the response - An example from Cameroon

Five months after confirmation of a first case of coronavirus in Cameroon, we now have a clearer understanding of how COVID-19 has spread through the country and the correct response.  Franck Ale, regional epidemiologist for MSF in Dakar, Senegal and Yap Boum, a representative of Epicentre, MSF’s epidemiology research centre, in Yaoundé, discuss the importance of diagnostic tools to tackle the pandemic.