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Central African Republic 


In CAR, MSF facilitates pediatric consultations with the e-CARE application

The e-CARE application has been developed by MSF to help healthcare professionals improve their ability to diagnose children.

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Central African Republic: Does Anybody Care?

In the shadow of conflict, the Central African Republic is grappling with a decades-long health crisis. Here, in a country of 5.5 million people, access to healthcare is all but impossible and life expectancy is little more than 54 years.

CAR: Spike in attacks against staff and patients in Batangafo threaten continuation of healthcare

In 2023, MSF teams have suffered at least 16 incidents in Batangafo, generally on the town’s outskirts. The latest attacks occurred on 26 and 30 August. The assaults consist mostly of violent robberies.


Central African Republic: A Forgotten Health Emergency

"The health situation in the CAR is shocking, but I'm almost as shocked by the lack of international attention paid to it."


CAR: MSF vaccinates thousands of children after arrival of refugees from Sudan

This vaccination campaign against measles and other diseases is part of the emergency response launched by the medical organization in the town of Birao, in northern Central African Republic, where refugees from Sudan have been relocated.


Central African Republic: MSF hands over the fight against HIV to the Ministry of Health in the region

After seven years of intervention in the health district of Haut Mbomou, Central African Republic, MSF is scaling back its HIV-related activities and transferring the successful differentiated care model to the Ministry of Health.

Issa Moussa is coordinating MSF’s emergency response in Birao, CAR

CAR: "Everyone arrives exhausted from Sudan, and many children are ill"

Recently, thousands of people fleeing the conflict in Sudan have sought refuge in the northern Central African Republic (CAR). Issa Moussa, deputy head of mission for MSF, is leading MSF’s emergency response in Birao. He describes how MSF is adapting to provide medical support to these refugees


"The Events" | a documentary focusing on Central African families

This is the story of a country bled dry and of the people who live there, of their family trajectories hit by “the events”, the repeated extreme violence sweeping across the Central African Republic.


Central African Republic