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Humanitarian distribution

Syria: People in Idlib race to flee airstrikes as safe area shrinks

18 February 2020 – In northwest Syria, airstrikes combined with a ground offensive conducted by Syrian government forces and their Russian allies have triggered a huge wave of displacement in the last opposition-held area in the country. With towns and camps west of Aleppo hit by shelling in recent days, roads are packed with cars and trucks as people flee towards a shrinking area of safety

Humanitarian distribution

‘Tired of fleeing’: Nowhere left to run for Syrians seeking refuge from Idlib violence

A Syrian doctor’s testimony from a flashpoint town in the province

A woman fetching water from an MSF water point, in the town of Pibor, Boma state, South Sudan

“You use what you have, as best you can.”

In early December logistician Karla Claus finished two years of back-to-back missions with Médecins Sans  Frontières/Doctors  Without  Borders(MSF).  In that time,  her work took  Karla  across  South Sudan,  a  country with no shortage of challenges and crises. Here she reflects on her recent assignment as part of the emergency response to the severe flooding that South Sudan has faced since July. 

Mohamed Kalil is MSF’s humanitarian affairs advisor [Photo: Abdalle Mumin/MSF]

Somalia: “Floods have left people so vulnerable that it’s a dilemma to decide whose needs are the greatest”

Mohamed Kalil is MSF’s humanitarian affairs advisor for Somalia and Somaliland. He has been working for the organisation for over a decade and was part of the first emergency team deployed in Beledweyne to respond to the flood crisis. Now back from the field, he shares his experience.

Dadaab Overview


Refugees in Dadaab appeal for dignity

Floods in Somalia

MSF responds to flooding in Somalia

MSF has started doing distribution of tents and kits for cooking, the construction of toilets and to provide safe drinking water.

Northeast Nigeria: Now is not the time to question life-saving assistance [Photo: Yuna Cho/MSF]

Northeast Nigeria: Now is not the time to question life-saving assistance

The conflict in northeast Nigeria continues, with Borno, Adamawa and Yobe states in need of a massive and sustained humanitarian response.


Niger: “Imagine being dumped in the desert, in the middle of nowhere, with no food or water”

 Far from stopping the flow of people, the recent criminalisation of migration by both European and non-European governments has significantly increased the vulnerability of people on the move