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MSF pharmacist Amina Mahamed hands out medication to patients, MSF outreach supervisor Mahad Ali Aden assists her, since it is a very busy day.  [© Susanne Doettling/MSF]

Ethiopia: Flexible healthcare for pastoralist communities

In isolated Doolo Zone, MSF’s community based system aims to enable the teams to respond timely and rapidly to any epidemic


Mary Rose Makau: " I’ve always found working with pregnant women very fulfilling"

Mary Rose has worked for MSF as a nurse midwife since mid-2018.


Ethiopia: Once mango season is over, it becomes crocodile season

Markus Boening meets Canadian nurse Rebecca DeBruyn and finds parallels between doing an Ironman Triathlon and supervising the emergency room of Gambela hospital, Ethiopia


Treating snakebite in Ethiopia: “The first ten minutes are critical”

Many more lives could be saved if snakebite victims in Ethiopia had access to timely and effective care

Mental health consultation in the MSF hospital in Nduta refugee camp, Tanzania. [© MSF/Pierre-Yves Bernard]

Displaced and distressed: the case of mental health in East Africa

With the exception of Dadaab Refugee Camp in Kenya, nearly all MSF mental health programmes in the East and Horn region have seen a significant increase of patients.


Karin Mburu: When a ‘thank you’ is the highlight of your profession

Hear from Karin, a Kenyan nurse, about her work for MSF in Ethiopia 


Mental health in Africa: Why it matters for young people

On World Mental Health Day MSF is shining a spotlight on the need for more mental health service across the continent, particularly for young children and adolescents