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View of the Central Mosque in Elevage from a classroom that is now home to 3 families

For close to 20 years, people in the Central African Republic have been suffering from the devastating impact of continuous violence: massive and repeated displacements and atrocities, extremely limited access to essential services, alarming health indicators, repeated...


In the past three days, at least 5,000 migrants and refugees have been rounded up across Tripoli by government security forces. During the raids on their homes, many of those captured were reportedly subjected to severe physical violence, including sexual violence.


MSF strategy is based on the desire to make the community an actor in the health of its members, and not just a beneficiary.


Heavy rains have caused widespread flooding in South Sudan this year, affecting more than 400,000 people.


Dr Hashim Jama Omer Osman is a Sudanese medical doctor who has worked for MSF since 2013. He spent four years with other INGOs before joining MSF. He has worked across Sudan as well as at MSF projects in Jordan, Nigeria, Somalia and Ethiopia. He is currently MSF’s...


MSF is committed to remain one of the active providers of emergency healthcare across Maban county and in South Sudan as a whole.


"We are here to help you,” the nurse said. “When you come to the hospital, it is confidential. No one else can listen to what we talk about with you.


When anti-abortion people talk about post-abortion depression, I really think the depression is due to what they make you feel. They blame you, they reject you, and they turn their backs on you.