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Malnutrition soars in Herat as Afghanistan healthcare is at breaking point

Access to healthcare was a major issue in Afghanistan well before the Taliban takeover, but today the situation has further degraded, as most of the international aid has been suspended.


Al-Geneina, West Darfur: Humanitarian aid is being rolled back but the needs remain

Dr Hashim Jama Omer Osman is a Sudanese medical doctor who has worked for MSF since 2013. He spent four years with other INGOs before joining MSF. He has worked across Sudan as well as at MSF projects in Jordan, Nigeria, Somalia and Ethiopia. He is currently MSF’s project medical referent in Al-Geneina.


South Sudan: MSF brings medical care to remote areas of Maban county

MSF is committed to remain one of the active providers of emergency healthcare across Maban county and in South Sudan as a whole.


Afghanistan: “Treating patients is our responsibility ”

After months of fighting on the outskirts of Herat in Afghanistan, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, also known as the Taliban, took control of the city on August 12. MSF is running an inpatient therapeutic feeding centre (IFTC), a clinic for displaced people, and a COVID-19 treatment centre in Herat. An Afghan MSF medic working in the city describes how we kept services running after the end of the fighting and the new challenges that they and other health services in the area are facing today. 


Emergency aid in Madagascar resumes as medical staff are grant access

Nine new visas have been provided to our staff thanks to the actions of the authorities. This will allow us to continue our food distributions and treatment of malnourished patients in the districts of Amboasary and Ambovombe.


Sudan: Urgent measles vaccination and treatment campaign in South Darfur

MSF aims to vaccinate 95% of children between nine months and 15 years old and to provide them with vitamin A supplements as part of its malnutrition prevention and treatment plan.


Vaccinating more children in Somalia’s Lower Juba region could save thousands from dying of measles

In May 2021, MSF supported Ministry of Health staff to run a month-long measles vaccination campaign in Dhobley, in Somalia’s Lower Juba region.


Nutritional crisis: MSF prepares for a major spike this year in southern Niger and north-western Nigeria

In the Maradi region of Niger and in the state of Katsina on the other side of the border in Nigeria, MSF is mobilising to expand its medico-nutritional activities  to cope with food shortage and the seasonal peak in malaria .