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Kyrgyzstan: Four months after clashes, people aspire to normality

Following clashes in April that caused widespread destruction in the border areas of Kyrgyzstan, people are gradually recovering from the initial shock. Marcos Matías Moyano, MSF’s Mental Health Advisor, was in Kyrgyzstan recently to support the organisation’s response and he explains how the clashes have impacted peoples’ lives.


DRC: Voices of Survivors

In 2020, MSF medical and mental health staff assisted 10,810  survivors of sexual violence  in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), which means nearly 30 each day. It's an enormous figure which is unfortunately only the tip of the iceberg.


DRC: Doctors Without Borders calls for urgent boost to support survivors of sexual violence

MSF warns of the lack of support available for survivors of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).


It takes a whole village: the need of a multiple approach to assist survivors of sexual violence

In light of the magnitude and the impact of the sexual violence in the country, MSF calls on the Congolese authorities and their partners to act now, in line with the medical, legal and socioeconomic needs that we observe.


Renewed hope: Caring for deported migrants in Ethiopia

Each year, thousands of Ethiopians make the perilous journey to Saudi Arabia or other Gulf countries, with the false hope of finding work for fair pay. Those who make it to Saudia Arabia often face violence and mistreatment. Since 2017, Saudia Arabia has been detaining the undocumented  migrants and deporting them back to their countries of origin. For those returned to Ethiopia, MSF provides emergency care and mental health assistance in Addis Ababa. 


More than medicine: a look at mental health needs in detention

MSF nurse activity manager describes the challenges of providing support to people in Libyan detention centres. 


South Sudan: “It is very gratifying to see former child soldiers being integrated back into their communities”

Former child soldiers from the armed conflict in South Sudan are being helped to reintegrate into society by a team from Médecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders (MSF). Mental health activity manager Silvia Márquez describes the project, which is a first for MSF.



Bangladesh: we provided one million consultations. This is what we found.

MSF medical coordinator Jessica Patti describes what our teams found and where we plan to focus our efforts next