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Primary care


South Sudan: Stagnant flood waters causing malaria peaks and hampering healthcare access

Because Old Fangak and neighbouring villages are surrounded by water, local communities are particularly at risk of catching malaria


Chad: MSF appeals for immediate response to Sudanese refugee crisis

MSF calls on the UN, international donors and aid organisations to meet the urgent humanitarian needs of Sudanese refugees in Chad in order to prevent more suffering and potential loss of life.


Sudan: Fleeing conflict, hundreds of thousands face hardship and disease in overcrowded camps in White Nile State

More than 140,000 people, fleeing from Khartoum, have arrived in White Nile state. 


MSF Academy for Healthcare: Upskilling healthcare workers to save lives in South Sudan

The MSF Academy aims to professionalise the training of healthcare workers, with a focus on staff providing nursing, midwifery or outpatient care 

Children at an MSF mobile clinic/outpost set up outside the Dagahaley camp for new arrivals.

Record admissions at MSF hospital in Dagahaley, as humanitarian situation continues to deteriorate

The scale and severity of humanitarian needs in the Dadaab camps demands a wide-scale response 


DRC: Fighting preventable deaths through community care in Salamabila

MSF is working closely with the communities in Salamabila to reinforce timely access to healthcare


Community health workers: A lifeline for communities trapped by violence

Community health workers provide basic healthcare, conduct health education sessions, stabilise the sick and injured. In the first half of 2022 they arranged 90 per cent of the referrals to clinics and hospitals in El Geneina.


Sudan: Thousands of patients treated at new MSF project in North Darfur’s biggest camp for displaced people

MSF teams are now providing medical consultations to residents of Zamzam camp and El Fasher town 


Primary care