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Al-Geneina, West Darfur: Humanitarian aid is being rolled back but the needs remain

Dr Hashim Jama Omer Osman is a Sudanese medical doctor who has worked for MSF since 2013. He spent four years with other INGOs before joining MSF. He has worked across Sudan as well as at MSF projects in Jordan, Nigeria, Somalia and Ethiopia. He is currently MSF’s project medical referent in Al-Geneina.


Kusisa: A hospital in the middle of the forest built with and for the community

Three years after the opening of a hospital in the Ziralo area of the South Kivu province, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, MSF ends its support to the Ministry of Health.


South Sudan: “A chain of women surrounded us, spreading their clothes wide to keep us out of sight”

MSF medical advisor Alyssia Ferrarese has just spent two months in Boma county, South Sudan, as part of a small team assessing people’s health needs and running mobile clinics in remote villages. Living conditions were tough and the work was challenging, but these were more than made up for by moments of deep connection with the local community, say Alyssia.


MSF opens a new project in South Sudan

MSF has opened a new project in the east of South Sudan’s in the Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA)– a vast area near the border with Ethiopia, where people live scattered over long distances and where there are few health facilities. Many people are semi-nomadic, moving from place to place with their herds; others stay in their villages where they grow crops.


Nigeria, MSF: Zamfara state gripped by humanitarian crisis as violence escalates

Abuja, 3 June 2021 – Rising violence in northwest Nigeria’s Zamfara state is causing a humanitarian crisis, warns international medical organisation Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) today. MSF is calling for an urgent humanitarian response for people in the region, who are desperately short of food, drinking water, shelter, protection and basic services, including healthcare.


Conflict in Burkina Faso: when the whole day is devoted to fetching water

The desert region of Sahel, in the north of Burkina Faso, is the driest and hottest part in the country. Since 2018, this region has been at the centre of a growing armed conflict, which has engulfed much of the greater African Sahel that covers also the neighboring countries. As a result, many communities in this region are in need of humanitarian assistance. Violence and climate change have left a highly vulnerable population without water and at great risk of disease.


Sudan: MSF uses camels and donkeys to reach remote mountain villages in Darfur

“The situation here was very difficult: the community in Dilli village had no access to healthcare for several years” says Mohamed Abdallah Juma, a community leader from Dilli, located in the mountainous Jebel Marra area of Sudan’s Darfur region.


Pumps, bicycles and satellites: how MSF is fighting malaria in Burundi

Teams from Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) have carried out a number of large-scale malaria prevention campaigns in eastern Burundi in recent years, most recently in the hills of Kinyinya. Their objective: to attack the disease at its source by reducing the number of mosquitoes.