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We are working with the Ministry of Health in Belarus to improve adherence to treatment for patients with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB).

Belarus is listed as an MDR-TB high burden country in the World Health Organization’s 2016 Global Tuberculosis Report.

We are supporting the Ministry of Health in four TB facilities: the Republican Scientific and Practical Centre of Pulmonology and Tuberculosis (RSPC PT), 1st and 2nd City TB dispensaries in Minsk, and City TB hospital in Volkovichi, Minsk region.

We provide psychosocial support (counselling, food parcels, transport vouchers, support by social workers) to between 150 and 200 patients each month to help them stay on their treatment.

COVID-19 Coronavirus

Most of the world's countries have reported cases of coronavirus disease COVID-19 and MSF teams in over 70 countries are now racing to respond to the pandemic.  

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