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Move to request WTO to waive intellectual property has already been taken by South Africa and India


Nasteh Shukri Mahamud,  is a nurse and MSF medical team leader in Rokero, Central Darfur. He describes what it's like providing healthcare in this isolated and volatile region. 

A mental health consultation in Dadaab © Robin Hammond/Panos Pictures

MSF is witnessing a dramatic deterioration in the mental health of camp residents in Dagahaley, the number of attempted suicides is rising and psychosocial consultations have jumped by more than 50 per cent from last year.

Fires at Moria migrant camp left thousands homeless. [© Enri CANAJ/Magnum]

One month after the fire in Moria, despite the EU promises that there would be “no more Morias”, thousands of people continue to be trapped in miserable conditions in a new camp in Lesbos and in other camps on the other Greek islands.

Al-Kindy hospital, in Baghdad, is receiving large numbers of severe and critical COVID-19 patients

Over the the month of September, more than 100, 000 cases of COVID-19 were identified in the country with Baghdad reporting almost 30 percent of the cases.

there are around 4,500 people trapped in Vathy today – a camp that has the capacity of 650

After the fire that destroyed Moria two weeks ago, the EU have vowed that there will be no more “Morias” – but this is clearly untrue, a new tent camp is set up in Lesvos and a new one is waiting to be used in Samos. Across the Greek islands, there are many other camps with...


Focus on COVID-19 has largely concentrated on urban areas, but it's clear that this has not been a solely urban public health phenomenon. Photographer Chris Allen and writer Sean Christie documented the experiences, successes and lessone experiences from South Africa’s ...

biotechnologist Rebecca Achok, registers and codes samples of COVID-19 suspected cases

Since March 2020, MSF has worked across various locations across Juba, focusing on strengthening of infection prevention and control measures in existing health facilities, training of healthcare workers and providing health promotion activities targeting the community. At...


COVID-19 Coronavirus

Most of the world's countries have reported cases of coronavirus disease COVID-19 and MSF teams in over 70 countries are now racing to respond to the pandemic.  

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