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Pierre Badarani at the MSF tent in Mar Mikhael neighborhood

MSF is carrying out an emergency response to support the people most impacted by the explosion in Beirut 


Due to a decrease in admissions of people with COVID-19, MSF and the Department of Health have decided to scale down and close the facility by mid-August, with MSF now shifting focus to the Eastern Cape Province.


Cepheid has set the price for each COVID-19 test at US$19.80 in 145 developing countries, including the world’s poorest countries where people live on less than two dollars per day. 

A mother with her new-born in Mrima Hospital

Viral hepatitis caused 1.34 million deaths in 2015, a number comparable to deaths caused by TB and higher than those caused by HIV. However, the number of deaths due to viral hepatitis is, worryingly, increasing over time, while mortality caused by tuberculosis and HIV is...

Mothers during the follow up weekly visit with their child suffering from malnutrition.

We talk to nutrition advisor Béatrice Mounier about simplifying the protocol for diagnosing and managing acute malnutrition in Niger. 


The number of displaced people seeking safety in Burkina Faso’s Centre-North region has almost doubled in six months to 386,000 as a result of growing insecurity and violence. Many have no option but to stay in improvised shelters in remote areas, without basic services and...


Many Yemenis are not seeking medical care in hospitals due to fear of contracting the virus, of stigmatization by the community or because of rumours circulating around the quality of care and protocols implemented in COVID-19 centers.


MSF's online mental health support tool helps people to deal with their emotions during the COVID-19 pandemic.


COVID-19 Coronavirus

Most of the world's countries have reported cases of coronavirus disease COVID-19 and MSF teams in over 70 countries are now racing to respond to the pandemic.  

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