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MSF team has been on the ground assisting the most vulnerable communities.

300 outpatient consultations are performed every day at the MSF clinic in Nyakabande holding camp

More assistance is needed to offer decent living conditions and access to medical care to refugees living in the holding camp


MSF rescued 470 people from seven boats in distress in the Libyan and Maltese search and rescue zones and brought them on board Geo Barents. 

Mobile clinic in Kreneik, the latest MSF intervention before the violence re-started

Violent attacks in and around Kreneik town and fighting in El Genina, in West Darfur, leaving wounded and sick people in desperate need without access to lifesaving medical care


MSF finds itself in an untenable position: on the one hand, its medical activities are required, and on the other hand, those providing medical support run the risk of being persecuted for doing their work.


Over 100 manufacturers in low- and middle-income countries could produce vaccines for COVID, other diseases and future pandemics – but only if the tech is shared.

El Geneina Teaching Hospital front entrance.

The violent attacks started in Kreneik over the weekend, from where our teams received confirmation that the hospital that we support was attacked in Kreneik. Three people, including two medical workers were killed.


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