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Zamzam camp malnutrition
Conflict in Sudan

Sudan is facing a colossal man-made catastrophe; MSF calls for an urgent, rapid scale-up of the humanitarian response

Press Release 12 Apr 2024
 Violence in Port-au-Prince
War and conflict

Haiti: The situation in Port-au-Prince today is a humanitarian crisis and it demands an urgent response

Article 10 Apr 2024
 Maternity in-patient ward of Bay Regional Hospital in Baidoa
Refugees, migration and displacement

Somalia: MSF helps address protracted humanitarian crisis in Baidoa

Article 9 Apr 2024
MSF clinic, Zamzam camp
Conflict in Sudan

Sudan – one year on, the international response is just a drop in the ocean

Statement 8 Apr 2024
Attack on MSF Facility
Attacks on medical care

MSF Condemns Missile Attack that Destroyed its Office in Donetsk Region  

Article 5 Apr 2024
 Walikale general reference hospital
Access to healthcare

Walikale, North Kivu: a “Host Village” to prevent maternal and infant mortality

Article 4 Apr 2024