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Since late December, the situation in Central African Republic (CAR) has quickly worsened, as clashes between a coalition of non-state armed groups and government forces supported by foreign troops, which began amid contested elections, have escalated. In response,...


Brussels: In a briefing paper, titled “Gasping For Air”, the international medical humanitarian organisation, Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without...


Many of Tigray’s six million people live in mountainous and rural areas where they are all but invisible to the outside world. While teams of aid workers have been deployed to the main cities of this northern Ethiopian region over recent months, aid is failing to...


Burkina Faso’s North region hosts more than 100,000 internally displaced people who fled recurring violence in this part of the country. Since January 2021, MSF’s mobile teams have been offering healthcare support to people in the villages of Sirfou, Todiame, Rounga...

Dagahaley camp, Dadaab - July 2019

Flashquote from Adrian Guadarrama, Deputy Programme Manager


Delhi, 23 April - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)/Doctors Without Borders) restarts emergency response amid a surging second wave of COVID-19 in Mumbai in Maharashtra state. The city is very densely populated and the poor and dilapidated hygiene conditions...


Teams from Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) have carried out a number of large-scale malaria prevention campaigns in eastern Burundi in recent years, most recently in the hills of Kinyinya. Their objective: to attack the disease at its source by reducing the number of...

Dadaab camp

Flashquote from Dana Krause, the Head of Mission for MSF in Kenya


Ethiopia: Tigray Crisis

People have been left without healthcare and tens of thousands have been displaced across Ethiopia and Sudan, following fighting that broke out in the Tigray region of northern Ethiopia, in November 2020.

MSF teams are working on both sides of the border, providing assistance to people in refugees camps in Sudan, and to the displaced and host communities within Tigray in Ethiopia.

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