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Become an MSF supporter

When you donate to MSF, your money is spent where it is needed the most. It could go towards running a hospital in South Sudan, or towards a measles vaccination campaign in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It could also go into our emergency fund, so our teams can respond quickly when there is an earthquake, epidemic or conflict.

Eighty-five percent of the money  you donate is spent on our programmes. Only 2% is spent on staff and administration costs - the rest is reinvested in fundraising. We work hard to ensure that your donations are spent on saving lives rather than on administration and management costs.

Unlike many other organisations, we don’t work through partners, so our donors can trust that the money they donate to MSF is spent by MSF.

We take transparency and accountability very seriously - our most recent financial report is available here.

MSF principles

The way we raise and spend money upholds our core principles – independence, neutrality and impartiality. MSF  very rarely takes money from governments; the vast majority of our money comes from individuals like you.

This means the funds come with no strings attached and allow us to provide medical care where the need is greatest. It is you, our donors, who make this possible. Thank you.

Other ways to show your support 

Aside from giving us a financial donation, you can support us on social media: Facebook , Twitter, and Instagram,- please help to raise awareness of the humanitarian crises that we are responding to by sharing and liking our posts.  

You can also sign up to our newsletter to hear more about our work by clicking on the link below.