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Not everything strikes without warning; some disasters are slow. They unfold over decades as a disease affects a population, instability undermines the health system or people are actively excluded from receiving healthcare.

After a rapid emergency subsides people can also find it difficult to access healthcare as the area struggles to recover, the government is overwhelmed by the scale of the problems or new health problems are sparked, such as cholera outbreaks when clean water supplies are disrupted. In these cases, MSF works to give people access to health care and to tackle diseases that need long-term treatment, such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and neglected tropical diseases like sleeping sickness.

MSF Nurse Activity Manager for Abyei, Awa Abdumadou shares light moments with two community volunteers during a weekly visit to one of the 17 Integrated Community Case Management (ICCM) sites in Abyei
South Sudan

The Lady of Abyei

Fieldworkers Stories 6 Dec 2023
MSF teams wade through a flooded village to deliver medicine to an ICCM site in Abyei.
South Sudan

Healing hearts in Abyei

Stories from the Frontline 5 Dec 2023
 MSF team at work at microbiology laboratory
South Sudan

In South Sudan, MSF Mini-Lab initiative brings hope in fight against antimicrobial resistance

Article 21 Nov 2023
Dengue is a public health crisis in Honduras and the wider region of the Americas, but current prevention methods fall short of protecting people from the illness
Access to Healthcare

Fighting dengue with mosquitoes: buzzing innovation to protect people from deadly disease in Honduras

Article 20 Nov 2023
Mompondele Yangala, a 1-year-old child suffering from Mpox, in his mother's arms, hospitalised at the Bolomba general referral hospital, supported by MSF. His mother had also been treated for the disease.
Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

DRC – MSF responds to an Mpox outbreak in Bolomba

Article 17 Nov 2023
Gaza - Israel War

Gaza: Patients and medical staff trapped in hospitals under fire - attacks must stop now

Article 11 Nov 2023