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Access to healthcare

Not everything strikes without warning; some disasters are slow. They unfold over decades as a disease affects a population, instability undermines the health system or people are actively excluded from receiving healthcare.

After a rapid emergency subsides people can also find it difficult to access healthcare as the area struggles to recover, the government is overwhelmed by the scale of the problems or new health problems are sparked, such as cholera outbreaks when clean water supplies are disrupted. In these cases, MSF works to give people access to health care and to tackle diseases that need long-term treatment, such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and neglected tropical diseases like sleeping sickness.

James Kuong Madeng, 60 years old, suffering from TB/HIV is standing inside his house in Leer.
South Sudan

How malnutrition is dangerously feeding the TB/HIV pandemic in South Sudan

Article 30 May 2024
 Opening the door to young "key populations"
Access to Healthcare

Opening the door to young "Key Populations"

Article 24 May 2024
Tigray Shire Project Ethiopia
Access to healthcare

Vincent K’Omoth: Transforming Healthcare Through Digital Innovation - My MSF Journey in eHealth

Stories from the Frontline 16 May 2024
Follow up consultation at Rafah Indonesian Field Hospital, Gaza
Gaza - Israel War

Yet another hospital in Gaza forced to close amid the intensified Israeli offensive in Rafah

Update 14 May 2024
Mobile clinic in Wad Madani, Sudan
Conflict in Sudan

Sudan: MSF forced to suspend work at the only functional hospital in Wad Madani due to obstructions and harassment, leaving thousands without assistance

Press Release 9 May 2024
Mulikat Okanlawon, a 38-year-old noma survivor, is working as a hygiene officer at the Noma Hospital in Sokoto.

Noma: "There is ability in disability and there is nothing that we cannot do.”

Article 8 May 2024