Ukraine: An attacked residential building in central Dnipro , January 2023
War and Conflict

War in Ukraine

In late February 2022, attacks by Russian forces on multiple cities in Ukraine have since caused the displacement of over one million people.

War has been simmering in eastern Ukraine since 2014. This war escalated on 24 February 2022 when the Russian forces started a full-scale military invasion across Ukraine. The war continues to cause civilian casualties and significant damage to critical and medical infrastructure, particularly in the east, southeast and northeast of the country, where the fighting is most intense.

In August 2022, the Ukrainian counter-offensives in the south (Kherson region) and in September 2022 in the east (Kharkiv region) saw substantial amounts of territory retaken. At the same time, heavy fighting is ongoing today in the Donetsk region surrounding Avdiivka and Bakhmut, in the Kharkiv region close to Kupiansk city, and in the Zaporizhzhia direction there are a few hot spots such as Novoprokopivka, Verbove, Robotyne.

War in Ukraine

How we are responding

Attack on MSF Facility
Attacks on medical care

MSF Condemns Missile Attack that Destroyed its Office in Donetsk Region  

Article 5 Apr 2024
This was the second time MSF has had to evacuate patients from the same hospital in the past year as a result of attacks on the facility
Attacks on medical care

MSF evacuates 150 patients due to repeated attacks on hospitals in Kherson

Article 31 Oct 2023
Destroyed hospital in Lyman, Donetsk Oblast. © Colin Delfosse
War in Ukraine

Ukraine: The destruction of medical structures impedes access to health care

Press Release 28 Mar 2023
War in Ukraine

Ukraine: MSF helps survivors of Dnipro blast

Press Release 17 Jan 2023