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MSF responds to malaria outbreak in Turkana, Kenya

Over 45,000 people have tested positive for malaria over the last month in one of the worst outbreaks experienced in Turkana County since 2017

MSF team during outreach in Turkana, Kenya following an outbreak of malaria - September 2019

More than 45,000 people have tested positive for malaria over the last month in Turkana County in one of the worst outbreaks experienced in the County since 2017. In late September, MSF sent an emergency response team to assist the county in managing the outbreak after conducting an assessment on the needs and gaps to contain the disease.
The team has been conducting medical outreach, going into the areas most affected to test and treat patients found with malaria and other morbidities, while educating the communities on how to prevent malaria. MSF teams saw 2,742 patients in the first week of response, out of which 969 tested positive for malaria and were put on treatment.
Turkana West Subcounty has recorded the highest burden of malaria cases with more than 65% of the patients tested turning positive. The team visited Loririt, Nawotom, Loita, Nalapatiu, Narukirionok, and Nasinyono in Turkana West. MSF has also conducted medical outreaches in Lokalolio, Nakiria, Moruongor, Lokorimoru, Namerisinyen, Township ward among others in Turkana Central Sub County. MSF has focused its efforts in these two sub-counties, which are the most affected for now.
The biggest impediment so far has been the heavy rains witnessed in the area, which has made it difficult to access some areas to conduct medical outreaches, while some families have opted to keep the sick in the houses due to the bad weather.


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