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Most people have settled in the open, and many still lack the basic essentials like shelter, food and clean water. Humanitarian assistance must be urgently scaled up to ensure the situation does not deteriorate before the rainy season sets in.


Preventing and treating malaria in Nduta Camp and neighboring villages.

Destroyed tukul in Adok, Leer [© MSF/Anna Bylund ]

MSF strongly condemns the indiscriminate violence being carried out by armed groups 


We have identified several key areas where our humanitarian and medical support can be of real, practical and sometimes directly lifesaving benefit.


This campaign is targeting people living in Kario camp and in the nearby El Ferdous and Bahr El Arab localities

During a one-day visit the team carried out consultations with 39 patients

Luis Montiel is emergency coordinator with Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) working in Cabo Delgado, a northern province in Mozambique affected by ongoing conflict since 2017. In early April, Montiel led an MSF team which briefly visited Mocímboa da...

Aerial view of Dagahaley camp

The push for durable solutions for refugees needs to be hastened to ensure refugees are self-reliant, economically empowered and well-integrated by providing them with the tools and opportunities to integrate into society.

MSF teams during a cholera vaccination in Enyenge, South-west Cameroon [Faith Toran/MSF ]

We call for the release of our four colleagues, unjustly detained


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