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MSF supports Emergency Care Units (known locally as UPAs) in Porto Velho, Rondônia state’s capital.MSF supports Emergency Care Units (known locally as UPAs) in Porto Velho, Rondônia state’s capital.

Médecins Sans Frontières  is urgently calling on Brazilian authorities to acknowledge the severity of the crisis and to put in place a central COVID-19 response and coordination system to prevent further avoidable deaths.

 Mohamed Hussein Bule is a school teacher and refugee living with diabetes in Dadaab camp

Insulin was discovered 100 years ago, but only half of people requiring it have access to this essential medicine today because of challenging storage requirements, complex treatment protocols and high prices.

Célestin poses for an anonymous portrait at the Tongolo centre on 27th November 2020.

Sexual violence has become a public health issue in Central African Republic (CAR) over the past decade, with women and minors being the most affected groups. In a country marked by years of civil war and facing a long-term crisis, assaults are perpetrated not just by...

MSF community health educator sensitizing and educating mothers

Since 2016, Médecins Sans Frontières has been providing health care in the Nduta refugee camp in Tanzania.

Nyabol* arrived in Pagak in February 2021, with three of her own children and three nieces and nephe

Médecins Sans Frontières is concerned about the situation of thousands of asylum seekers from South Sudan who have been stuck for months in appalling conditions in a reception center in Ethiopia’s Gambella region without meaningful access to essential services, especially...

A nurse at the Bosobolo General Referral Hospital cares for a young patient with measles

Since December 2020, MSF emergency teams have once again been deployed in the four most affected provinces – North and South Ubangi, Bas-Uélé and Maniema – to treat patients and set up measles vaccination campaigns.

Administrators register newly arrived displaced people at Tsegay Berhe

In recent weeks, tens of thousands of displaced people have arrived in cities in the conflict-hit region of Tigray, northern Ethiopia. They join others who arrived earlier and are staying in schools and empty buildings, in poor conditions and without basic services. Many...


Ethiopia: Tigray Crisis

People have been left without healthcare and tens of thousands have been displaced across Ethiopia and Sudan, following fighting that broke out in the Tigray region of northern Ethiopia, in November 2020.

MSF teams are working on both sides of the border, providing assistance to people in refugees camps in Sudan, and to the displaced and host communities within Tigray in Ethiopia.

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